We are Toronto's only SpaCapsule® aqua massage facility. Spa Capsule sessions combine the benefits of traditional massage therapy with Aromatherapy and audiovisual relaxation techniques, and are a beneficial component of any personal wellness program.

Much of contemporary medical practice is oriented toward the treatment of disease and injury. Personal wellness extends the definition of health to encompass concepts such as fulfillment, relaxation and meditation. Aquamassage plays an important role. To understand the benefits of aquamassage, one needs to experience it firsthand. Dial in your preferred music and add a visually appealing environment, and all of the elements of a truly relaxing experience are in place.

Aquamassage is highly recommended for circulation and muscle spasms and to sooth sore or aching muscles. It also promotes healing, relieves pain and tension and reduces stress levels. Independent lab testing has also proven it to be effective for skin toning, cellulite control and weight loss after just ten sessions. Read the report.

With aquamassage in a SpaCapsule, adjustable water jets apply pulsed pressure against an impermeable membrane, which massages your body on three sides at once. You remain fully clothed and dry during your treatment. Aquamassage can occur on its own or as part of a comprehensive therapy program.

Spa Capsule has to be experienced to be believed. Call to arrange your complimentary massage.

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"Finally, a clinic that sees me as a person with genuine physical and emotional needs, not a chequebook"